Maple tree losing leaves

Asked July 17, 2019, 8:41 AM EDT

This tree had bare spots on the left side this spring and has continued to lose its leaves. I can’t see anything on either the trunk or the leaves themselves.

Sherburne County Minnesota

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The maple was planted too deeply and probably has stem girdling roots that are choking the tree off at the base. Another cause of the decline could be a fungal infection.

Would it be possible that this is happening to two of my trees? We moved in 2 years ago, the house is 15 years old and I’m assuming that the trees are in the 8-15 year age. The other tree that seems to be affected is about 100 feet away.

Thanks so much for the info!


If they are about the same age it is likely. Tree planting practices have not been the best since tree nurseries changed their practices to produce more trees faster.