All the bird mite questions

Asked July 16, 2019, 11:20 PM EDT

There appears to be a growing problem with something biting people that nobody seems to have an answer for other than the common repetitious internet claim that bird mites can't live on human blood.
Ok, that's fine, then what is it? My wife and I have been suffering from some kind of infestation that bites, crawls, and has obviously traveled with us since we have moved 3 times in the past two years trying to escape the misery.
We have tried all of the recommended treatments several times with no success. We got rid of everything we own, been to countless doctors, used multiple pest control agencies and nothing works. We know we are not alone but there doesn't seem to be anyone who refers to themselves as professionals who do anything more than disregard the claims of many many people who are suffering. I don't
tend to believe in nightmare stories with no logical explanation but This is real. I would very much like anyone with any real information to reach me at my email thanks for at least providing an outlet.

Maricopa County Arizona

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First, without actually seeing an organism that is actually doing the biting, it is next to impossible to identify the culprit. That is just a fact. I does not mean you are being ignored or dismissed. Without an actual organism, no one can solve the problem.

Second, after discussions with other individuals who have had random, points of pain which seem to be a bite yet there is no obvious organism at the sight, I am beginning to think that it is our own bodies which are fooling us.

I and the others have described sharp, localized pain which goes away as quickly as it comes. It feels like something is biting. I think it is a random nerve firing. They occur with no pattern but I have had them on the legs arms, center of my back and stomach. I have had a few where I was able to look directly at the site as the pain is taking place and there is absolutely nothing at the location. There is no swelling or other indication of a skin puncture, just the pain. As you have noted, no one is able to see any evidence of a bite or something causing the pain yet it is there.

I could see where people who do not have the experience I have with biting insects and the like would think that something is biting them. To me, it feels just like a variety of insects that I have been bitten by in the past.

I have also had small thorns from bull thistle and other prickly plants work their way through my clothing and stab me hours after I have been walking through the brush by just sitting in a chair or laying on a sofa. Those you can usually figure out because the thing will jab you every time you move the limb with the thing in the pant leg or sleeve.

Try to avoid scratching or in any other way touching the spot where the pain is. Just look at the spot. It should subside quickly. Obviously, this takes place in some locations where you can not observe. I have experienced these pains in the middle of my back and under my clothing. Every time, there is no indication of an actually bite or sting. The only reddening I have experienced is after I itch the site, thus my suggestion of doing your best not to touch the area for a few minutes.

Thanks Ed
I know that it's easy to misunderstand such things and frankly if we were in opposite positions I would be probably telling you the same things.
In my case, at first I thought my wife was crazy and I basically dismissed it. Until they started biting me as well. We have actually caught a few of these little mites, we have had them looked at by supposed professionals the best we got was, yes it's some kind of mite.
As for the nerve pulses, I agree that I've had those at times as well, the difference is when bit, a day or so later a small bump appears that usually itces for several days or even weeks sometimes.
The reason I am writing is because there are what seems thousands of cases similar to ours but sometimes they seem a bit far fetched and worse, they never follow up with any kind of end result.
This has been life changing for my wife and I, let's hope it's not spreading although I don't understand how it's not.
As a part of my work I travel extensively staying in multiple hotels. Some hotels seem fine, others seem to already be infested. The same goes with rental cars as well as other locations. One night while trying to enjoy a show in Vegas I was virtually eaten alive.
There have also been cases while trying on new clothing that my wife had been attacked.
I know, it's crazy but I think that once you've become a host meal they seem to like you more.
All I can rationally think is that it's something relatively new to our part of the world, perhaps brought here by travelers or immigrants. Who knows, life is tough but we continue on.
Good luck
Hope you never have to deal with anything like this. Keep an open mind.