Tick I.D. ?

Asked July 16, 2019, 12:03 PM EDT

I was bitten by 2 different looking ticks. The first tick is solid black . No markings. About the size of a bird seed. It is very hard to kill as it is impossible to squash it, drown it, or suffocate it with oil or Vaseline. Extremely hard shell ! The second tick was reddish brown and bigger than the black one. I’m sorry, but I have no pics of either. I was too frantic to get them off me. The black one had his head buried in my back. I just want to know what kind we’re dealing with here. The pics I’ve seen look so much alike!

Otsego County Michigan insect identification

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I am reluctant to give you an identity of either of these ticks since I am no expert and there are no pictures. There is a website that might help you and give you more information, you can even contact someone there. It is pestid.msu.edu