Autumn Joy Sedum Problem

Asked July 16, 2019, 11:04 AM EDT

My Autumn Joy Sedum have leaves that appears to have been eaten. They are brown around the edges. It is not deer damage ,as they are planted in a protected area . What is the problem with them? Your help would be greatly appreciated. I will try to send a picture. I hope you will receive it. I am not that great with computers. Betty

Howard County Maryland

3 Responses

This looks like damage from birds. Sometime finches will peck at the edges of Sedum leaves, possibly to get water. These have few known insect/disease issues. There is nothing you can do about the existing damage. If you wish, you can try covering the plants with a piece of netting to prevent further damage. These are tough plants that generally can sustain some damage and they will come back year after year.


Christa, thanks for your response about my sedum. I have seen finches on the sedum, but had no idea what they were doing. I also have bird feeders near by so I do attract lots of birds.