Echinacea Leaf Marks Help

Asked July 16, 2019, 4:58 AM EDT

Hello! Just bought 2 echinacea for the first time and neither are doing well, but in different ways. One has really strange leaf marks, all brown spotted and the brown eventually turns grey and then white. Some leaf curling as well, but the blooms seem fine so far if not extremely slow to bloom. Some brown spotting on stems as well but otherwise seems healthy. My other echinacea has the brown spots on stems but none of those other symptoms - however it seems very unhealthy, the whole thing is wilting and all the leaves and blooms even the new unbloomed buds are just drooping and falling off


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Are these still in the original pots and soil? Or wee they re-potted into bigger pots after purchase? The symptoms are similar to those displayed by plants exposed to phenoxy herbicides like Weed n Feed and Crossbow, which are used to control broadleaved weeds in lawns or brush. These products tend to volatilize if used in warm weather and can move with the air to affect near by plants. Any use of herbicides recently in the vicinity of these plants? Feel free to respond to my email directly.