social media and depression

Asked July 15, 2019, 3:26 PM EDT

Hello, my name is Marwa Ajazi . I am a student at LCC and currently taking a writing class. I am writing an argumentative essay about social media. My argument is that social media exposure to younger people is a major cause of depression in tens these days. The con point to my argument is that teens also use social media t exress themselves . I would appreciate your expert input and hope that you can provide me with information regarding the following questions. (Insert 3 to 5 questions) How often do you see images on social media of people who post their best selves and all their accomplishements? And How does it make you feel? Do you yourself or anyone you know get inspiration social media from someone that puts an unreaistic and unobtainable picture, and try yourself and can not get to that point and lose motivation? Do you feel that you go to your phone when you are bored? And do you believe that you lose creativity when your mind is always occupied with being distracted by anything? With your permission, I will attribute some of your answers as quotes in my essay. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Marwa Aljazi.

Ingham County Michigan

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Thank you for your question, Marwa. The three experts to whom your question has been assigned have not posted an answer. While listed as a potential Extension area, it appears that Michigan experts do not address it. I suggest you find a university department in either psychology or sociology that covers these topics. Alternatively, there may be treatment experts in your community who have experienced these issues, or treated those who have. Good luck!