Asked July 15, 2019, 1:27 PM EDT

We live on a small family farm and have a few different breeds of laying chickens that the two years old and a rooster. We would like to butcher a few of them but do not have any experience or supplies. Most videos we find are how to kill and butcher many animals at a time. We are looking at information on how to kill and butcher just one animal at a time for eating fresh. Also, is there does the extension service teach butchering classes or have butchering supplies available for rent?

Marion County Oregon

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There are some good books on raising and butchering poultry. The best teacher is to go to a local farm and watch. Extension does not teach that here nor have supplies. I have done many and also ducks. This website is very good and step by step, but I would completely remove the head right at the start. If you do not want to make a cone, we hold the bird firmly between our legs upside down. When it stops struggling, the head is removed. You can use the old-fashioned chopping block method also. If properly scalded the feathers come off pretty well. If you want a cleaner, quicker pick, add food quality wax to the scalding water and then dunk in really cold water. The wax and most feathers will just peel away. Keep everything as clean as possible. The first few times are the worst for you.