Pond water safe for animals and people

Asked July 15, 2019, 1:03 PM EDT

I have a natural pond on my property in Alcona county, what can I do to make sure it is safe for my nieces, nephews and pets to play in?

Alcona County Michigan

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Dear pond owner in Alcona County,

Thank you for choosing eXtension for an answer to your pond question. I am a bit unclear about your actual concern. Making sure that people and pets are never allowed to swim unattended and and ensuring there are safety rescue and other floatation devices always available. If there is no beach area you may wish to construct one. There is little else that needs doing in a natural functioning and balanced pond system.

Sorry for the confusion. I am more concerned about bacteria and or anything else that may be harmful to my family/pets and what can I do to be sure it is safe for all to enjoy. I do know that we get a good amount of wildlife at this pond if that helps at all.
Thanks for for any help.

Define " a good amount" and what kind of wildlife?
Unless you have a lot of geese in your pond I wouldn't stress over it that much. Encouraging your family to shower after taking a swim can also help reduce problems from natural bacteria present in the water.

You can send your water to a lab for testing. There are a number of labs in the state that will test lake and pond water for you. Find one from this list https://www.watershedcouncil.org/uploads/7/2/5/1/7251350/document_2_-_deq-michlabs.pdf