Filtered Light

Asked July 15, 2019, 12:32 PM EDT

If all else ( soil, water, etc. ) is right, will bush beans grow in sunlight filtered through a plexiglass roof? I am considering adding a plexiglass roof to my bean planter. Hard falling rain during sever storms kills many of the plants by breaking the stems and there are too many plants to support them with stakes. Will other vegetables grow in such light?

Charles County Maryland vegetables plant care

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Yes- plexiglas is rated to transmit 92% of light hitting it so beans and any other vegetable crop should grow just fine. Light transmission will vary some depending on lots of factors including pollen and dust buildup on the surface. Heat build-up would be a potential problem if the area were enclosed.

You are ahead of the curve on this. We expect to see more gardeners taking steps to mitigate the increase in severe weather, such as and 3+ inch rain events, that are expected with global warming.