Bush Beans And Radishes

Asked July 15, 2019, 11:34 AM EDT

Would I be able to grow radishes and bush beans in the same planter? I grow bush beans in this planter now but I think that I can plant radish seeds in March, harvest the radishes in April, add a little fertilizer, and then plant plant bean seeds in May, all in the same planter. The soil has a P H of about 6.6 and the beans have been growing ok in it. Next spring, should I try the radishes as well, or do you think that I have to get a soil test for radishes first?

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i- yes, that will work fine. You do not need to alter the soil pH or fertility profile for the radish crop. You can also grow radish in the fall.

If you are using mineral soil from your garden or yard in your planter be aware that water and air drainage can be greatly reduced, especially if the planter is less than 12 inches deep. Read our pages on growing in containers and raised beds: