Small ladybug type bugs with green/gold fluorescent heads

Asked July 15, 2019, 9:15 AM EDT

What are these small fluorescent bugs chewing holes in my morning glory leaves? They are a little smaller than a ladybug, not quite as round, and are a light orange with small brownish spots. The head area is bright green or gold fluorescent in sunlight. I found one yesterday, and two today. Are they harmful?

Meade County South Dakota

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First we need to ID what this is. The description is nice but a photo would be much better. I'll throw out some ideas of what it could be in the meantime:

Golden Tortoise Beatles:

I understand that the description is way off here - but I get a lot of damage from earwigs that some other poor beetle could easily get blamed for - and with all the moisture they are prolific:

Japanese Beetle:

If damage is light/only a few beetles - then you can probably relax, morning glory are fairly resilient (I lose more to rabbits chopping them off at the base). Pulling off the beetles if their numbers are few is the best way to resolve the issue.