Asked July 14, 2019, 9:32 AM EDT

We have 2 Robin's nests in our yard. One we can't see, the other is by our dining room window and easy to see. We noticed that they had hatched by July 6th. All was great. The female and Male were very attentive. Then on Friday july 12th ALL the birds in our yard are gone. The breading pairs are gone. Any ideas as to why?

El Paso County Colorado

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There could be a number of reasons the birds moved. You can't be sure without knowing of any changes in the area. If the young birds have fledged, they have likely moved to an area where they find food more regularly. The birds may not have nested close to their food source. There may be a predator in the area you may not be aware of that caused them to move . After hatching, they may have felt more nervous around the house so they could have moved.
Consider any changes in the area that may have caused the birds concern. This may be the reason they moved.