Fox tail lily not blooming

Asked July 13, 2019, 5:53 PM EDT

I have yellow foxtail lilies for second season that are blooming fine. Question is i purchased more vut variety of colors and only one has given me fliwers. The others just have small foliage. Can u help me. I live at Southern oregon coast . Cliose to Calufornia border

Curry County Oregon

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Several reasons may be the cause of non-blooming foxtail lilies,

Eremurus species, and other bulbs, often skip bloom the first year they are in the ground. Perhaps the most common reason is that the bulb isn't mature enough to bloom. Your bulbs will likely do well next year.

Realize that foxtail lilies need little to no attention to grow. You can literally plant them in a bright sunny place and forget them. Mine, in Portland, OR, are thriving on a south-west facing slope, in spite of no supplemental water or fertilizer. Yours should do the same.

Enjoy your plants!