Brown marks on beginning fruit

Asked July 13, 2019, 2:43 PM EDT

My Celeste fig is about 4 years old. Last year lots of figs but most did not ripen. This year’s leaves look great but the fruit that is starting has brown marks on them. I have attached a picture. I am at the Jersey Shore and we have sandy soil. There are two other trees or bushes in other parts of the yard that don’t seem to have this issue. Please help.


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Thank you for sending these vivid pictures and detailed description of the issue.
The most likely cause appears to be stretching and scabbing of the fruit due to fast growth from rapid moisture uptake, as well as potential damage by wind. In a coastal region with lots of rain this can be a common occurrence for many different types of fruits. If this particular tree is facing more wind or sitting atop easier access to water, it can respond differently than the other fig trees on your property, even though they are not too far apart from one another.

Fig trees are often susceptible to a whole host of problems, including diseases and most commonly in our area, winter dieback damage. However, your fig tree looks exceptionally healthy. The fruits appear to be getting ahead of themselves in their growth!

Thank you for contacting Cooperative Extension,

Nancy (and Summer Intern Emma)

Thank you very much for your response. Should I cut back on how much I am watering the tree.


I would suggest watering well, once a week, if there is no rain. If you have a sprinkler system for a lawn, also run it only once or twice a week, for maybe 25 to 30 minutes.