Clover patch

Asked July 12, 2019, 2:25 PM EDT

Folow pics

Itasca County Minnesota

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The first flower, although you haven’t stated what you want from these photos, is probably an ox-eye daisy. The other two photos are too fuzzy for me to identify the plants. Fresh, unwilted plants are usually required for identification. Minnesota has over 500 common wildflowers and weeds.

Hi Evelyn,
I would like to kill these plants off, and not hurt the clovers(red, and white) that is underneath them. Yes the stalks wilted on the way home, hot.

There are several methods, dip a paint brush in Roundup and paint the leaves, or put on chemical resistant gloves, pull a cheap cotton glove over the chemical gloves, wet the cotton glove with Roundup and pull the wet glove over the plant as in grip it at the bottom and bring the glove up the stem, or the technique I use, cut the bottom out of a brown paper bag, set the bag over the plant so it is surrounded by the bag and spray the plant in the bag. These methods protect the other plants growing nearby. As you appreciate anything that will kill the weeds will kill the clover. Roundup’s effect goes away fast so Damage to bees is small and none if the flowers are cut off.