I am wondering if Cape Fuchsia grow in Gearhart?

Asked July 12, 2019, 4:14 AM EDT

I am trying to only plant things that survive pretty well without a lot of care and in my Portland garden, cape fuchsia is the best (toughest) thing in my yard and the birds and bugs love it, so I was hoping they like it in Gearhart. Do the deer like them? I am pulling out some rhodies who have that lacewing thing and am trying to find a great replacement for it. Thanks so much. In particular, I am thinking of the white/yellow ones.

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Yes Cape Fuchsia will grow in your area. They like cool summer temps and moisture in the atmosphere and soil. Plant in full sun to partial shade.

Deer will eat most any shrub and if they find it not to their taste they will sometimes pull it up and leave it on top of the ground. Short of constructing a 8' tall woven wire fence around your yard, you can try using smell and taste deterrent sprays. These sprays usually help in the short term but must be reapplied frequently.

The following is a list of deer "resistant" shrubs: Vine maple, Serviceberry, Barberry, Clematis, Hazelnut, Smokebush, Honeysuckle, Indian plum, Potentilla, Golden current, Nootka, Red elderberry, Spirea, Snowberry, Lilac.