Something is eating my geraniums

Asked July 11, 2019, 3:21 PM EDT

I have a dozen beautiful, old geraniums on my porch (see photo 1, the most affected). Last week, they were all in brilliant, multi-flowered bloom. Today, several have leaves and buds that look like they are being eaten (see photos). I checked the plants carefully and can't find any critters. The one in the first photo has 10 dead buds. Last year, I had a tobacco worm on one plant (you identified it for me), but I don't see anything like that now. Any clues?

Baltimore County Maryland

3 Responses

We can't identify the insect doing the damage from the photos. It appears to have left the scene. We'd recommend tidying up by removing damaged buds/flowers and then just keep an eye out.

Many caterpillars do minor feeding damage and then move on or pupate into a butterfly. You can consider this your contribution to, hopefully, a beautiful butterfly.


A beautiful butterfly would be great. But would a caterpillar also damage the buds?
I’ll keep watch.

Depends on the species.

You are most welcome.