White baneberry Doll’s Eyes blackening

Asked July 11, 2019, 3:16 PM EDT

Hi, I recently planted three young Actaea pachypoda plants, about two weeks ago, in dappled shade. They did not look well when they arrived to me, but I had hoped with proper planting they would improve. They had black areas on leaves and stems, so I removed the dead pieces before planting. Unfortunately, they are looking worse now than they did: the black is spreading and the formerly white berries appear to be rotting. I don’t see any sign of insect damage. They have received good water and only some morning sun. Any thoughts on what this might be and whether the plants are salvageable? Thank you in advance!

Howard County Maryland

1 Response

We cannot identify a particular disease, but these plants are declining. Possible root issues. You cannot make this better.

We'd recommend that you return the plants asap along with photos.