What is this ground cover from HELL?

Asked July 11, 2019, 2:43 PM EDT

Tried to kill this plant with ROUND UP, weed whacker, pulling out. Nothing phases it. What is it???

Jackson County Michigan invasive groundcover

1 Response

This is aegopodium sometimes called goutweed, bishop’s weed and ground elder. It is considered invasive. If RoundUp is used then spray it on, leave the plants for 3 weeks so the pesticide can move to the roots the you can removed the dead plants. It is likely that you will need to reapply. Another treatment is to mow it down and immediately and completely cover the area with black plastic. You will need to leave the plastic in place for at least a year. Handpulling is also an option. Any of these options still mean you need to monitor the area for the next few years and immediately control any sprouts.