Did you realize that the mucus from slugs is used in open heart surgery It is non toxic

Asked July 11, 2019, 1:34 PM EDT

I have been studying Slugs for over 18 years, Maryland slugs. A short while after moving slugs from the driveway and sidewalk I realized that there mucus (one of the mucuses sticks to your skin and essentially puts a new layer of skin on your hands which cannot be washed off. It is smooth and it makes using a internal mouse very difficult. After buying myself on oil and in a lot of pain I collected their mucus by having the slugs walk over wet wax paper. then I covered the 3rd degree burn with the mucus. The pain instantly went away and the I didn't need a skin graph. Seattle Washington medicineal center started a slug environment expressing their mucus 2-3 times a day. then returning them to the exact location. I can tell you more about slugs than you probably care to know. I am looking for a dermatologist to give all the information. Thank you Judy Goldblum-Carlton Attch Slug hanging on one strand of secretion. 2. attachment of 11 baby slugs eating out. of the chambers of an orange.

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These are interesting observations but we specialize in answering home gardening questions. We do not provide referrals to dermatologists.