Identification of tomato issues

Asked July 11, 2019, 1:13 PM EDT

Hello. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could offer to help me determine the problem with my tomato plants. I’ve conducted a lot of research but I can’t figure out of this is bacterial, early blight or early blight and this issue showed up several weeks ago. I’ve been using an antifungal spray repeatedly but it’s not totally effective. I do everything recommended for growing tomatoes, amending soil with natural organic ingredients, mulching under plants, removing bottom branches, and spacing properly for aeration. Unfortunately whatever it is clearly it must be present in the garden. The pictures don’t show it well but the stem has some spots as well. After identifying it I would appreciate if you could provide any suggestions as to what I can do to eliminate this problem in the future. Do I need to take a break from growing tomatoes and solarize the soil and the mulch next year etc? My grapes also appear to have grape rot which leads me to believe my entire garden has issues.

Anoka County Minnesota

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Either early blight or septoria leaf spot. The difference in appearance is that Blight affects both the stem and the tomatoes. See the picture in the website below. Septoria leaf spot is mainly a leaf disease. It happens when dirt splashes up on leaves. Many people remove the bottom branches of tomato plants for this reason. Then it doesn’t spread. This makes the plant stronger! So look at the stem and pictures at the websites. Remove the affected branches and bury them or burn them in the fall to prevent soil retention. If it’s leaf spot another solution is to rotate tomatoes to another site next year. See the following websites for more information. 1.) 2.)