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Asked July 11, 2019, 12:18 PM EDT

1) What is the best grass seed to plant that will fulfill all of these conditions, please, thank you: a) Hillside, about 30 degree slope b) Shaded by mature tall trees for most of the day c) Wet ! Lots of water runoff from up above, and lots of water seemingly "exuding" from the hillside itself d) Scio Township, Michigan (just north of the Huron River and just east of Zeeb Road). 2) What is the best way to plant this seed, protect it, foster it, until it is growing on its own.

Washtenaw County Michigan

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Turf-type tall fescues, and red fescue are grasses most tolerant of shaded areas. Also, “hard fescue" and "sheep fescue" are narrow bladed, upright growing grasses that are considered low maintenance grasses. They are often used in areas like road medians. Plant a mix of 3-4 grass types so you will not have a stand of just one kind of plant- monocultures can be wiped out by disease, diverse stands typically are not.

I am giving you some references, too. You may want to consider planting part, or all, the area with perennial ground covering plants that do well on slopes. For example Day lilies, Siberian iris and hostas will hold a slope, they have dense roots and tolerate drought. They will grow faster with moisture.

See page 34 of this publication for planting slopes:

For seeding, follow the steps as if you were seeding a flat lawn. There are mulch ‘nets’ used to hold soil and seed down. These are used by road crews and landscape companies, and you may be able to order some online. Search on ‘straw netting’, jute mesh, mulch netting, or erosion control.

Here are the steps for seeding an area-

You should have a soil test and amend the soil before you seed. Purchase a soil test self mailer at you MSU County Extension office or here-

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