Spurge weed

Asked July 11, 2019, 10:38 AM EDT

What is the best way to kill spurge? I planted buffalo plugs and have a outbreak of spurge in between the plugs. What product can I use to kill the spurge?

Denver County Colorado

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Weed management is a common problem in the buffalograss home lawn. Depending how large your buffalograss lawn is, spurge is easy to hand pull. It is best to get it before it flowers and sets seeds

Here is some information about the option of using herbicides.

Pre-emergent herbicides (“crabgrass preventers”) are safe to use in the spring on well-established, mature buffalograss lawns to prevent annual grassy weeds like crabgrass and foxtail. The control of existing weeds – both grassy and broadleaf – presents a more difficult problem for the manager of a buffalograss lawn. Buffalograss can be easily injured, and therefore discolored, by many of the off-the-shelf herbicides (especially those containing 2,4-D) sold in garden centers and nurseries for the control of dandelions and other broadleaf weeds in Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue lawns. These products can be safely used on fully dormant buffalograss in spring or fall (spot treat only; do not broadcast apply). However, they may cause slight to severe discoloration (yellowing or browning) of green, actively growing buffalograss during the spring and summer. These products should be used carefully. All label directions should be followed and products should be used sparingly. They can be used as a spot treatment (spraying individual weeds, and not the entire lawn). For a severe weed problem, the use of a professional lawn care company should be considered. Professional applicators are able to use herbicides which are both very effective and safe for use on buffalograss (these herbicides are often very expensive and generally not for sale to the home gardener).

For more about managing buffalograss lawns, see this link: