Raspberry larvae

Asked July 10, 2019, 4:13 PM EDT

Hi there, I have a small raspberry patch in my backyard, a week or so ago I noticed in some juice on my hand while picking berries that there were little white larvae squirming. I’ve been careful since to avoid any overripe berries, but this morning found this (photo attached) in my yogurt after the berries had sat in the yogurt overnight. The seem too big for drosophila and I’ve seen what I think are BMSB laying eggs on them but it doesn’t look like they have larvae that would present as such. Not sure what we might be dealing with. Thanks for taking a look! Simone

Multnomah County Oregon insect issues raspberries

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These could certainly be drosophila larvae, unfortunately. The late-instar larvae can reach up to 5mm in length and are the likely culprit if you're still finding them on berries that aren't overripe. You're correct that BMSB nymphs would look more like little bugs than fly larvae.