Contaminated Soil

Asked July 10, 2019, 1:44 PM EDT

Hello, My name is Joanne Silvia, Office Manager at MSU Extension, Saginaw County. Our office have a customer who purchased a gas station in Gladwin County. She wants the soil tested for contaminants. She indicated that all of the gas drums have been removed from the site. I don't believe that she should have a regular soil test from MSU. Do you know where she can get soil testing for her site in Gladwin County? Her contact information is listed below: Daphne Vourlekis, 240-305-0605. Daphne's email address is:

Saginaw County Michigan

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She should contact Fibertec Lab in Holt, MI (517-699-0345). They should be able to advise her on the proper tests to perform for her situation.