Investation from Chinese Elm

Asked July 9, 2019, 11:23 PM EDT

My wife and I parked and lived in our motorhome at a park in Utah for 4yrs. Up to the last 2yrs is when all hell broke lose. I noticed a slimmy substance covering the walls windows counters everything. Inside and out.
The end of December I noticed blood spots on my pillow as I was being bitten by something I could not see. It didn't stop with me it manifested and took over our RV and ended up making it unlivable to this day. Shortly after management took notice of the problem we were evicted. To this day we are still homeless. We have never been kicked out of anywhere in our days.
We learned from a gentlemen that it looks like no see ums. I thank our God that not once has my wife been bit.
Now since the RV park and the complete gutting of RV everything clothes frig kitchen cabinets pots and pans silverware. Everything... But,,, I am still getting bit and they hurt like hell. I have made an apt with the VA and I already know what they are going to find. Very very small fusy white like lint looking little suckers. White on dark surfaces and dark on light colored surfaces. The most uggiest things I have ever seen. I used a diamond mag to get an idea and I got an idea alright. Looked eval as something not from this Earth... I would like to add that they make it into my eyes ears and nose during the night and draw blood out my nose. Sorry guys. They are still feeding on me. I am a disabled Vet that still runs toward the gunfire. I'll let you all know. Thanks. God Bless.

Salt Lake County Utah

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