apple tree and yellow leaves

Asked July 9, 2019, 9:14 PM EDT

Just noticed these on the tree in my yard. The tree itself is an unknown conglomeration of apples (already asked here a few years ago).

Hennepin County Minnesota apples apple diseases

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It looks like apple scab. Compare the leaves to the pictures on the fact sheet given below in a few weeks when symptoms are more

Looks very much like what is going on. My maple trees have a fungus that it gets black spots on them. I found out i could kill that off if I burned the leaves, but I also noticed that all the trees around me have it and there is no way i personally can deal with it all given the large area it encompasses now.
The apple tree has had a fungus where it gets discolored spots on the actual fruit... i tried to deal with those leaves as best i could. Is there a solution to this apple scab?

The black spots on maple leaves are probably anthracnose. To manage Apple scab see the fact sheet

Hmmmm, i don't know that I'd be able to keep up. My maples have been bad for years, and its spread now to random plants in our fields of long grass (we have 17 acres). And the apple tree has been having spots for years as well.... maybe not as long as the maples, but for sure the last 3. I included a picture of the maple tree leaves... it will get much worse (bigger, more encompassing) than the pic.

Anthracnose doesn’t need to be treated and in years with less rain it will be less. It rarely harms trees.

so the maple tree fungus has no affect or no bearing on the apple tree fungus? that would be good as at least i can deal with the apple tree. its a lost cause on the maple tree fungus as its spread to so many trees and plants I can't get in under control alone.

That is correct, they are completely separate diseases. The spots on the maple have nothing to do with the spots on the Apple.