How to eradicate bamboo in an eco friendly way? College Park, MD

Asked July 9, 2019, 3:00 PM EDT

I want to remove all of the bamboo in my backyard. Are there companies in the DMV area who harvest or remove bamboo and use it to make various products? Are there companies in general you would recommend for bamboo eradication in the college park area?

Prince George's County Maryland

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Hi- if you want to limit the amount of herbicides used on your property we recommend removal of all top growth, removal of all rhizomes (underground stems) and then quick removal of any re-growth or herbicide application for re-growth.

We do not recommend individual businesses. We have heard that there are landscaping companies that offer this approach. When interviewing companies ask them about their process for digging and removing the rhizomes. This is the critical step. Some companies have customized pieces of equipment to dig and sift rhizomes up and out of the soil.