Does Whitney Crenshaw ever make a mistake?

Asked July 9, 2019, 2:48 PM EDT

I use Whitney Crenshaw/ David Shetlar as my main go to text when naming bugs. The photo I am sending is one I believe to be of a variegated fritillary as I have had many caterpillars and chrysalis of them in my yard. But on page 66 of the text, examples of the variegated fritillary and the Gorgone checkerspot seem to be switched. When I check other sources the photo I am sending is identified as a caterpillar of the variegated fritillary. I need your expert opinion. Thanks,

Montgomery County Maryland

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He is human so there is always that possibility.
It doesn't look right in the book.
We suggest you contact Mr. Crenshaw who is in the Entomology Department at Colorado State University.