Cucumber plant spider web: Diagnosis and treatment

Asked July 9, 2019, 2:26 PM EDT

Please advise what this is and what should be about it. About 20 cuc plants within 12' are affected and most appear to be dead (some with the webbing, some just yellow leaves and stalks). Should I pull the affected plants and burn them? Or can these plants be saved?

In the next bed, it appears no cucs (same three varieties: Socrates, Corinto and Armenian) are affected. However, what should I do to protect / treat the remaining cucumber plants? Many thanks.

Humboldt County Nevada

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Your cucumber plants are being attacked by two-spotted spider mites. You have several options from rinsing the plants down multiple times a day with water, to using insecticidal soaps to using a miticide. It is possible if the mites are killed that the plants could have enough energy stored in their roots that they could put out new growth and bounce back.
I have attached a few links with information on controls. Just remember if you treat these plant you will primarily kill the adults and juveniles, eggs will not be affected and you will have another hatching within a few weeks that will require treatment to be repeated.

I’m very grateful for your response, Wendy...and how timely!!! Thank you.

I’m very grateful for your response, Wendy...and how timely!!! Thank you.

you are very welcome... Please let me know if you have more questions.

Wendy: I found this amongst the spider webbing as was dousing with insecticidal soap for two-spot mites. Know what it is? Many thanks.

I am going to do a little research on what type it is, but it would be considered beneficial and helping with your insect issues. I hope your cucumbers are starting to look a little better and that we caught them in time.