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Asked July 9, 2019, 12:44 PM EDT

What is the botanical term for sqwash plant leaves drooping in the heat of day. My Dad, who had a degree in botany from Chico State, told me this term years ago. I cannot remember the name/term. Unfortunately, Dad is gone. He was my "Google" for all things botanical.

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Loss of turgitity means plant leaves wilting in general for various causes. The hot weather wilting is due to the plant trying to conserve water in drying conditions.Transient wilting where the plant recovers spontaneously: It is the temporary drooping down of leaves and young shoots due to loss of turgidity during noon. At this time the rate of transpiration is maximum.

The rate of water absorption is less due to shrinkage of roots and depletion of water around the root hairs. Lower leaves show wilting earlier than the upper ones. Temporary wilting is corrected only after the rate of transpiration decreases in the afternoon accompanied by replenishment of water around the root hairs.