young magnolia scale

Asked July 9, 2019, 11:47 AM EDT

My tree is 7 year established, Just noticed the slightly puffed white spots on the branches ,first time ever. What product do I use NOW July 9,2019

Macomb County Michigan magnolia scale

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Right now, for small amounts of insects, the infested branches can be pruned off and discarded or buried. There is also a technique of gently scrubbing them off with a plastic kitchen scrub pad, a brush, or by hand. Care must be taken not to scrape bark off the branch. There is no chemical that will affect the scales if applied now.

Scale is most vulnerable when crawlers emerge from under the protective shell of the mother in August through September, using sprays. A second spray treatment is usually repeated 10-14 days after the first. See the recommendations here-

Good control is achieved by using an insecticidal soil drench in spring. Spring application is required because it takes several weeks to move from roots to branches. Here is another link describing scale control on magnolia-

And this-

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