Is this Wild parsnip?

Asked July 9, 2019, 10:00 AM EDT

Is this Wild parsnip and how and when is the best way and time to get rid of it?

Oakland County Michigan

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No, this isn’t wild parsnip. See

If you can pull one up and lay it out so I can see the root, that would help identify it. Also, do you recall seeing any flowers in color on it? The flower’s color will help me narrow identification down.

Most weeds can be removed by pulling or digging. Herbicides labeled for weed control will kill it. (Please follow all label directions and precautions).

If this turns out to be a perennial, then fall is the best time to treat it with herbicide, when the plant sends the herbicide down to the root. If you decide to wait until fall, reduce re-seeding by keeping seed heads or flowers clipped off and discarded until you remove the whole plant.

I will watch for your response, and with a little more info I should be able to identify the plant. Thank you.

Hard to tell from photos. I'll photograph when it flowers and send photo.

Thank you, I will watch for your pictures.

Near as I can tell this is a type of Bidens species, perhaps one of the Beggarticks

Beggarticks is easily controlled by most broadleaf herbicides: 2,4-D, dicamba, triclopyr, etc.

You might take a dry seed head, break one apart, look at individual seeds and compare to the picture attached. If it doesn’t match, please send me a picture of the seeds when you have time. Thank you.