Moved from ohio to Kentucky

Asked July 9, 2019, 8:17 AM EDT

In may i move a 4 foot start from a roadademberm that was over 60 wears old. Was doing great ,blooming nice. But two weeks ago my leaves started to drop and i googled it too fine out that i planted it to deep. So i raised it up and fertilized it. Is there a chance that i can save it?

Scott County Kentucky

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It depends ...... the plant is definitely suffering from transplant shock. Since it is a plant you dug yourself and not a nursery grown plant, the root to shoot ratio is probably unbalanced. It does not need to be fertilized the first year. Please call your local extension office at 502 863 0984 and i can talk with you and give you a publication on Transplant Shock. It has information that may help you take care of your plant.