Maple tree insect or disease?

Asked July 9, 2019, 7:07 AM EDT

We have 2 maples, we assume hybrid, that have early leaf spots then the spots seem to join and the leaves fall about now. This has happened the last few years. There are others in our subdivision doing the same. Other maples ,other spp. don't seem to be affected.

Saginaw County Michigan maple trees

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The browning is a consequence due to the yellowing between the leaf veins. This is not a disease but Scorch a result of heat stress. In this section of the tree the heat is causing water loss faster than what roots can provide. We often see this in July and August. It can be worse on trees along a road or next to concrete where the heat is the greatest. Is this mostly on one side of the tree? Scorch affects leaves the most towards the ends of branches and at the top of a tree. Furthest point water has to be transported. I know it was just last month we had too much water but we have definitely turned a corner on the summer. I have the same problem with a maple and it is a plant that I will water during dry and very hot periods.