spraying herbicide on gravel drive to kill grass and weeds

Asked July 8, 2019, 10:32 AM EDT

I want to spray my gravel drive with RM-43. I would like to know the ratio of herbicide/water in a one gallon sprayer. I have read recommendations from 6oz/1 gal to 3oz/1 gal. Please advise the most effective ration.

Leon County Texas

3 Responses

Thank you for your question. All registered herbicides must have instructions on the label about the ratio of herbicide to water. We cannot recommend anything different than what is printed there. Have you searched for this information there?

Yes, but the label gives ratios for large acreage and not just mixing small amounts.

You’re going to have to calculate how many square feet your driveway is, and extrapolate from the container acreage. I suggest you call your county Extension office, where staff can talk you through it. Here is their webpage: https://leon.agrilife.org/contact/ Good luck!