Dead and dying Creeping Charlie

Asked July 8, 2019, 9:38 AM EDT

The Creeping Charlie in our back yard is almost completely dead. It has been thriving until this year. What happened? What should we do?

Oakland County Michigan creeping charlie dying

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Well, I think you are the first question I have seen that asks how to keep creeping charlie going!

Glechoma hederacea is a perennial plant that prefers shade to part shade, and moist soils. It is susceptible to typical lawn weed killers, so a drift on the wind from a nearby lawn that was treated may have affected it. In dry times it may go dormant or dieback until moisture returns.

Here is an article on it, describing what it likes and how to control it- see if one of the weed killers was used recently nearby-

It is a hardy grower and will reseed itself, and will continue to creep and re-root from the parts of the vine that are still alive. If your area has been dry, give it a little irrigation. If the area is now receiving more sun than in the past, it may not be a suitable area for growing there anymore. Thanks for using our service..