Tomato plant disease?

Asked July 7, 2019, 10:36 PM EDT

I have 4 total plants, each in their own pot, all right next to each other. I started them from small plant that I had shipped to me. They did very good at the beginning, but for the past 3 weeks, they began to stop growing much and the leaves started to look like they were not getting enough water (curling up), but I water at least 2 times a day. I have now noticed the purple veining on 2 plants, so I believe they have Beet curly top disease. I have attached 2 pictures showing this purple veining. Does this look to be beet curly top? One other plant has curly leaves and several patches where the leaves are very small and shriveled up, with deformed fruit, and some brown spots on bottom (but so far I see no purple veins). I have also attached a picture of that plant.. not sure if this is the beginning stages of the beet curly top? The 4th plant so far has normal looking fruit, but the leaves are rolling up and growth has slowed significantly the past few weeks.

Macomb County Michigan

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It seems you have all the symptoms of Beet Curly Top Virus (BCTV). Leaf curling is tomato plants way of dealing with stress.The purple veining could be explained by a phosphorous deficiency, and the curling can be due to pruning, water stress, etc. The fact that they stopped growing and the new foliage is small and distorted does seem to be viral. The deformed fruit is unusual. Putting it all together BCTV is a good fit. It could be the vectoring beet leafhopper just didn't get the fourth one. Weed control of adjacent areas can help to keep the beet leaf hopper population down. Another scenario would be herbicide damage through drift or volatilization. Check out the following links;
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