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Asked July 7, 2019, 4:46 PM EDT

I bought a seedling at a Longmont Nursery well over 10 years ago. It has grown to its full height of 15-20 feet. It was touted as being one that thrives in neglect, poor soil and punishing sun. It also produces seed pods that look like apples. The seeds were reported to taste like macadamias when roasted. I lost the tag so I would like to know more about this lush desert wonder. The adult tree has seeded one tree naturally. I would like to relocate this new tree to Salida or Buena Vista. Can you provide me with its origin, name, propagation and any other information?
Thank you

Adams County Colorado

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I have been thinking this through and am at a bit of a loss. Maybe Osage Orange: ?

If you can send a picture or two of the plant and it's leaves I can probably give you a better ID.

I keep trying to post to you. I will try sending just one photo to see if it goes through.
Thank you so much.

Got it, thanks!

So this looks like a walnut of some kind. It’s hard to say which from the photo. Black walnut (Juglans nigra) is the most common in our area but it could also be little walnut (Juglans microcarpa). Based on your story about how you acquired the tree and the smaller mature height you report little walnut seems possible.

You can try either in Salida or Buena Vista but my guess would be that in less you have a really protected site they are going to struggle to make it through cold winters.