Spreading clover-like plant infestation

Asked July 7, 2019, 12:34 AM EDT

Hi! I have been gardening at my home for three years, and have experienced a spreading infestation of a clover-looking plant. It is now covering my vegetable garden and spreading to other areas of the property. Can you help identify this, and advise on how to control it? I have been pulling it out nonstop, but the small seeds beneath the root are nearly impossible to remove, and thy multiply. Thanks! Katie

Multnomah County Oregon

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This appears to be oxalis. Has it ever flowered? An article from Wisconsin Master Gardener Program is linked below. The excerpt discusses control.

“Common yellow woodsorrel is best controlled by hand weeding and mulching. It pulls up quite easily and does not resprout from roots left behind. Try to remove plants before seed pods develop – although this may be difficult as it is good at hiding among other plants, producing seeds before it is ever noticed. Most herbicides are not very effective on Oxalis species. Pre-emergence herbicides, which prevent germination, are the most useful.” Common Yellow Woodsorrel, Oxalis stricta