Maple trees in Clarkston appear to be dying on one side

Asked July 6, 2019, 8:17 PM EDT

Driving thru my neighborhood I've noticed a number of large maple trees that seem sick on one side. The leaves are drying out all the way to the top of the tree. Is there someone local I can contact? None of the trees are on my property - yet.

I appreciate you time.

Oakland County Michigan

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Your comment that none of the trees you describe are on your property yet suggests to me that you're concerned with a disease that is spreading through the area. While maples suffer from a variety of diseases and insect pests, we aren't tracking any "epidemic" issues at this time (like oak wilt or emerald ash borer).

There are a variety of foliar diseases that can cause leaf browning (e.g. anthracnose, bacterial leaf spot), from which the tree typically recovers. Vascular diseases that block the flow of water and nutrients (e.g. verticillium wilt) may lead to the death of specific branches and limbs.
Mechanical damage to the vascular system (the roots or the area immediately under the bark) will have a similar effect. (e.g. removal of roots to level/replace a sidewalk).

Should they choose to do so, the owners of the property on which the trees are located could contact a certified arborist to have the trees examined and examined and any issues identified and treated. A list of certified arborists, by zip code, can be found at: