New Fawn in Fenced Area

Asked July 6, 2019, 3:34 PM EDT

A new fawn has been born in our horses 7 acre "dry lot" turnout. I have seen the mother and the little one looks healthy. We live in Central Oregon and the dry lot is primarily Juniper trees and Mustard weed because the horses have eaten any natural grasses. The fence is 4 ft. high so the fawn is trapped in the turnout unless I open three gates to a pasture in front of our house. (The fence is probably providing protection from coyotes.) My question is when does the fawn start eating solid foods and do I need to supplement its diet?

Deschutes County Oregon

1 Response

Please do not approach or feed the juvenile deer. The mother is likely going to be foraging in the area and returning to nurse it. Fawns will likely start supplementing her milk with some grass and forbs later in their 2nd week. Ease of passage really depends on your fence design. If there are gaps under or between wires, the young deer can likely manage it. If you're concerned that the fence's design is truly trapping the animal, please call your district wildlife biologist to get their input on whether they need to attempt to move the fawn and then attempt a reunion with its mother.