Shrub or bush identification needed

Asked July 6, 2019, 2:11 PM EDT

This bush is growing among my lilacs. Could you please tell me what it is and if it is invasive?

Ramsey County Minnesota

3 Responses

Could you send a picture of the entire shrub? It will help with the identification.

Sorry, the bush is in a thick cluster of lilac bushes and I would not be able to get a picture of just the bush... Could you at least guess at what it might be? Very disappointed that the picture I sent is not enough to at least give me an idea of what it is. I will also be submitting the picture to a facebook site to see if they might be able to come up with a "better" response.

I think it maybe Bush honeysuckle. The leaf shape appears to be a little too long for buckthorn and buckthorn usually make more berries.