Corn flies

Asked July 6, 2019, 12:21 PM EDT

Is there anyway to get rid of corn flies before the corn is harvested? They are so worriesome around the house and porch. Would a fly trap or bug zapper help ?


Christian County Kentucky

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I have assigned this question to someone in our office who can assist you.

Regarding your corn fly (hover fly) issue...they are indeed a bothersome pest when trying to be outside in summer, but they do have a good side. The larva of these flies eat as many as 20 to 30 aphids per day and are considered very beneficial. It might help to know that they usually do not persist all summer and are gone in just a few weeks. I do not believe a bug zapper would do much in the way of control; hanging fly traps may have some effect. Unfortunately there aren't recommendations for control as they are considered beneficial insects.

Thank you for your response. The link you provided however is not the same fly we are having an issue with. This is the insect I am asking about. Perhaps it goes by another name ?

Actually it is the same. I looked at the wrong picture. Thank you again for you assistances.