Burning Bush 2018-2019 Winter Damage

Asked July 6, 2019, 7:33 AM EDT

My several years old, previously healthy, Burning Bush (Winged Euonymus) appears to have been damaged by this past winter's weather. The spring the leafing out process was very late and slow and when completed many branches on the top half of the bush are bare. New shoots have appeared from the base. I'm not sure if pruning will help it survive. I am attaching two photos and seeking advice - should I prune the bare branches (almost half the bush) and, if so, when and how much? Your assistance is very much appreciated. Holly P.S. Love your Saturday morning WCCO radio show!

Dakota County Minnesota

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I would wait or do a viability test. Scrape a little bark off a branch you think is dead and one you know is alive and compare them. Live branches will be green underneath. Many things are slow to leaf out this year. Some are actually leafing out a second time because the first buds were killed. Dead branches can be removed. Since so much is damaged don’t prune off anything that isn’t dead.