County Ordinances for St Clair County MO

Asked July 5, 2019, 9:30 PM EDT

I live in St Clair County MO and want to know the reason the county commissioners don't pass ordinances for the county regarding dog control, noise, litter, junk yards, etc. If the county wants to attract more businesses and people these type of laws are important. I have been told it is something to do with type/category of the county but no one has really explained why. Plus can the residents petition the commissioners to enact ordinances?

I would appreciate an explanation. Thank you.

St. Clair County Missouri

1 Response

The impetus for local and/or county zoning and ordinances generally comes from the residents who petition the appropriate public entity -- city council, county commission, etc. -- to institute laws and regulations that address the specific issue. If you believe that there is public support for regulations that address the issues you mentioned, forming a citizens group that meets with the appropriate public officials to discuss the issues and ways to address them, would be the best place to start.