Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree

Asked July 5, 2019, 7:04 PM EDT

Had this tree for 11-12 years, it’s a Macon Ga Cherry blossom tree, the only one that lived out of 4 transplants! I am seeing some dead branches sporadic through the tree, this year..... leaves don’t look to be bug infested and tree is living, just not full!

Peach County Georgia

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Cherry trees are not well adapted to our climate. The heat and humidity combined with the clay and acidic soils is not conducive to cherry trees. When I worked I n commercial landscaping years ago, I cannot tell you how many dead and dying cherry trees I had to cut down. The trees can live for a few years up to 20 or more years ... depends upon the tree and environment. Consider broadcasting some lime around the area under the canopy to help raise the pH. Cherries prefer a higher pH.