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Asked July 5, 2019, 1:46 PM EDT

What is the best weed killer to put on horse pasture and how long should the horses be kept off the pasture before the horses can be put back on?

Lane County Oregon

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Thank you for reaching out. I will need some more information to address your question. Have you identified the weeds you are trying to get rid of? The management strategy will vary depending on the weed in question. Depending on the weed you may be able to implement a management strategy without spraying herbicides.

When using herbicides, always read and follow labels carefully. Always follow grazing recommendations after herbicide application. Herbicide may make toxic weeds more palatable to horses. Horses should be excluded from the sprayed area for seven to ten days after treatment if poisonous plants are present. Herbicides alone will not result in a weed-free pasture.

Most herbicides control either grasses or broadleaves (i.e. alfalfa and clover). If you have a mixed pasture (both grasses and legumes like alfalfa and clovers), there are no herbicide options that will control unwanted weeds and leave BOTH legumes and grasses.

Steps To Minimize Weeds in Pastures

  1. Proper grazing management is a must. Overgrazing easily damages pastures. Overgrazing pastures tends to pull out roots of desirable plant species, giving weeds space to take hold.
  2. Protect new seedlings from grazing until they are well established and graze moderately thereafter.
  3. Allow established pastures a recovery period after grazing. This will reduce weeds and increase pasture yield and nutrition value.
  4. If possible, mow after each grazing period to control many pasture weeds and encourage new pasture growth. However, do not mow the pasture closer than four inches above the soil.
  5. During excessive dry or wet conditions, remove horses from pastures.
  6. In pastures with excessive weeds, where pasture forages are thin, reseeding may be the best practice.
  7. High yielding, well-managed pastures will choke out weeds.
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