Yellow lawn

Asked July 5, 2019, 10:26 AM EDT

My lawn has a yellow cast to it - I have regularly fertilized (professional company), water has not been an issue - we do have a heavy clay base to our soil. Is there something I should add to the lawn to make it green?

Scott County Minnesota

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According to experts at Pennsylvania State University, otherwise healthy, pale green or off-color lawn grass usually indicates a nutrient deficiency. Here is an excerpt from a Penn State bulletin:


"Turf areas may become pale green-yellow, and plant growth may be somewhat stunted. In most cases this chlorotic condition is due to lack of nitrogen. If a nitrogen fertilizer application does not correct this condition, it is very likely that the cause is iron deficiency. An application of iron sulfate or chelated iron on turf showing iron deficiency will result in a greening of the turf within a few hours after application."

We recommend bringing this problem to the attention of the lawn care professionals.

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