Petrified wood crystals?

Asked July 5, 2019, 7:14 AM EDT

My friend recently found a big piece of petrified wood covered in small translucent crystal's that are smokey black at the tips. I believe they are some type of quartz due to the heat and the forest fires, this would explain the black trapped at the tips. My friend found them by a creek.. we live in Arizona. I need professional help finding out what these are! The Crystal's are about half a centimeter large each, and they are all clustered together. I am wondering if it is possible for quartz to grow on wood? This was found on a very very old tree. This is very strange and I have not seen any crystalized pieces of petrified wood that look like this anywhere on the web! Help would be greatly appreciated.

Yavapai County Arizona

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Dear Client,

Thank you for utilizing eXtension to reach out. I'm sorry, but my training is in plant science. I recommend you take the sample or send the photos to a knowledgeable geologist. If you are in Yavapai County, you might try Beth Boyd at the Prescott Campus of Yavapai College. Good luck in your search for how this specimen was formed.